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Educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed.

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Some people think that educational institution are responsible for the future success of the students they educated, so when they think it may not be no wise choice for a student to choose a certain discipline of study, institutions should dissuade the student from making wrong choices. I cannot agree with it at all. Because, first of all the definition of success is very subjective, secondly nobody can grantee what the future would be, and finally the responsibility of educational institutions is not restrained to career success.

First of all, how can we define the success of a student? Is it about achieving good academic performances or getting future high-paid jobs? In my view, success is very subjective, the definition of success varies from people to people. Some people think that the biggest success is to launching a great career while others might think building a loving family is the greatest success in their lives. So when it comes to the education institutions to measure the possibility of student making personal choices such as choosing study field which directly linked to their future career, it is simply impossible to set up a standard in reality. Therefore, educational institutions should not make decisions about whether or not interface the decision making of the students.

Furthermore, Based on the performance of student today to predict whether they can excel in the future is a delusion. I think no educational institution should be so arrogant to limit the potential of students. There are plenty of examples of poorly behaviored students excelled in their later life. For instance, Steve Jobs was never a straight A student in school, he even dropped out college. But that does not stop him to lead a revolution in technology industry, which may be regarded as a huge success by many people. The question is should the college staff prevent Steve Jobs from pursuing a study in technology industry? The answer is probably not. Because no one can know the future neither should limit the potential of a student.

Indeed, I think the responsibility of an educational institution should never to restrain to evaluating the possibility for a student to succeed. The essence of education is to educate instead of to evaluate and kill the potential of students. Combined with the issues discussed previously, educational institutions should be no way near to interface students’ choice of field of study. It seems more reasonable for the educational institutions to put their focus on providing better education and more choices.

To sum up, I totally disagree with the claim that requires educational institution to interface with students making decisions about their study field. In my opinion, they are not supposed to play god and limit the possibility of any students.

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