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People's behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting

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"Your behavior is your responsibility", one can find this line trite in several offices. No matter what the circumstances are, only you are the one to make call of how you present yourself. That is why the statement can be firmly refuted. Several explanations can be given against the statement.

What differentiates people from other people? To begin with, it is how they behave. And their behavior is majorly determined by the choices they make. People have a common cognition but their response differs, like some people can be tempted to chastise subordinates over a blunder while others might honestly point them their mistake and then cheer them up for not making such mistakes again. The differentiating term is their decision the take next, this is what is referred as behavior.

Moreover, peoples image of themselves has a huge impact on people's behavior, you will find rich people egotist and philistine about others. On the other hand a poor guy can be more benign and kind. A successful man will be more humble and a less frequent achiever will be critical. Additionally, Internal peace plays an important role in deciding how people behave. You would normally find old people's behavior more mature and stable than the teenagers. It is the peace of mind which these elderly have achieved and the youngsters lack, which plays an important role in discreetness in their behavior.
Introspection largely determines how one behaves, noting own's mistakes and finding out why we react in a particular way under certain circumstances helps us understand more about our-self. Take for example, introvert people typically are introspective of themselves that is why we rarely find any introvert guy misbehaving.

However, with support to the statement, one can say that external factors like past experiences also define how one behaves. Which is true. It is our experience that guides us in precarious situations, where the difference between right and wrong is obfuscated. For instance, when a kid feels cheated or daunted or scared he has different ways of responding to the situation.

In addition, to support of the statement we can also say the certain circumstances and people affect the way we behave. A girl might go crazy in presence her crush, or, as it is known to many of us that hungry people tend to be more angry, or, someone happy about a particular thing might be ephemerally kind. But, at the end it is us who decide weather to express or not to express these evanescent feelings.

Conclusively, it depends on us majorly how we behave. As stated above that external factors might impact our reactions and decisions but at the last it our call. We can let go of anger or any other malevolent feeling and behave in more genteel way.

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