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People's behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting

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The behavior of people refers to the actions and choices made by them to achieve or reach certain goals. Some argue that all these actions are largely if not completely controlled by external forces but the other ones think that we have the complete control over our actions. I believe that most of our actions are controlled by external forces and merely are those actions that are made based on our own intention.

First of all, humans are definitely not free to do all what they want as there are many hindrances such as laws that we have to abide by. Indeed, our freedom in making some actions is limited thus we do not have a free will. For example, if someone wants to travel from a country to the other there are a lot of papers that need to be prepared and the person should ask for a visa that can be refused,so they can not travel even if that person lives on the border and they only have to walk to reach their wanted destination.

Secondly, all humans are born with a clear mind. That is to say, their mind was a clean white paper. A lot of our behaviors have been instilled and written in that paper through education. The question to be asked is: If we lived alone and nobody ever made us learn the behaviors we know, would we act the we are now? I do not think that our behavior would be shaped the way it is now, a multitude of things would be different and our actions will be shaped by the results and needs. By way of illustration, kids if not taught that they should eat in a certain manner, their eating will be shaped by how much hungry they are. They are taught that they should eat slowly without making a mess but if not they will eat the way that will appease their desire. Moreover, religion such as Islam forces people to act a certain way by making its followers refrain from a number of things that we biologically need such as some types of food and sexual relationships.

Thirdly, as stated in the beginning most actions are controlled by outside powers yet some actions, even if not controlled, are common between everyone because their outcome is harmful. We have a body that has a number of essential needs and is weak so it needs protection from all dangers. In addition, It can be clear that the majority of laws that constrain our behavior are laws that are respected because if not we will be hurt. In a car, for example, the driver needs to protect the passengers and themselves from accidents by respecting the driving code. This act is not mainly done because the driver does not have a choice or because they will be punished, even if in reality the opposite might happen, but mainly because it will be dangerous otherwise.

In conclusion, most of our acts are controlled by outside forces, whether it is humans or nature there are always laws and constraints. Thus, humans have little to no control over their actions.

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