Some people believe that college students should consider only their own talents and interests when choosing a field of study. Others believe that college students should base their choice of a field of study on the availability of jobs in that field.Writ

Every human is born with different potential and capability. Some are born with excessive physical strength, some with acute mathematical skills and others with natural inclination in arts. Nonetheless, one still needs to hone their skills despite naturally gifted ability. Any individual will have greater chances of success if they pick their educational career in the field of their own interest and commensurate to their strength. Let us scrutinize the argument more deeply.

First of all, now a days the student makes up their mind in very early stages of their life. They tend to choose, what they want to be, at early stages of school. Since every student has the right to pursue their career in accordance with their potential, forcefully imposing any idea on them might lead to drop out from the school or in some cases it will eventually lead to failure. Consider for example, a student who is physically more active and stronger will usually have his/her interest in sports. If that student is forced to pursue academics degree then that this decision might lead to his failure. On the other hand, if the same person is allowed to pursue his/her field on interest, who knows, that person could be a great sportsman representing his nation at Olympics. Most of the studies has concluded that probability of success is more or less associated with interests of students.

Contrary to that, if a student chooses to study specific subjects just because of the more opportunities to secure a job then he will certainly face many challenges while studying. There may be a juncture when the student will be exhausted due to lack of interest in the subject. While even if one manages to graduate then the chances are thin that he will be able to secure good grades. And today when there is more demand of super specialization and sagacious employees, his degree will worth no more than a sheaf of papers. In addition to that the market trend keeps on changing and follow no particular order. The availability of the job depends on “demand and supply”. For instance, if a student chooses to study computer science because of the then demand and the scenario changed till he graduated. There are now a greater number of graduated students then any previous year and the demand remains the same. In this case only handful of most talented students will be chosen by the employer to get best result from them.

Moreover, the idea of picking a career based on the availability of job has prevailed in mid nineteenth century since that was the age of industrial revolution and other majors such as sports, arts and music had fewer opportunities. But today even the government is insisting parents to let students choose their filed of interest thereby rendering greater chance of success to them and overall growth of the nation.

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