Technology creates more problem than it solves

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Technology creates more problem than it solves.

Whether technology enhances or diminishes our overall quality of life depends largely on type of technology one is considering. While mechanical may have diminished our quality of life on balance, digital automation is doing more to improve life than to undermine its quality.

First consider mechanical automation, particularly assembly line manufacturing. With automation came a loss of pride in and alienation from one' s work. In this sense, automation both diminished or quality of life and rendered us slaves to machines in our inability to reverse "progress." Admittedly, mechanical automation spawned entire industries, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and supplying a plethora of innovative conveniences. Nevertheless, the sociological and environmental price of progress may have outweihed its benefits.

Next consider digital technology. Admittedly, this newer form of technology has brought its own brand of alienation, and has adversely affected our quality

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