Life nowadays is generally much more stressful than in the past. Give some reasons why people suffer more from stress nowadays, and say what they can do to reduce it.

Essay topics: Life nowadays is generally much more stressful than in the past. Give some reasons why people suffer more from stress nowadays, and say what they can do to reduce it.

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In the past, people spent much time at home with their family rather than now. This indicates togetherness as a main pillar of communication could be typically maintained as one of the solutions to reduce the sufferer of life. However, nowadays, people frequently have some action out of their home. As a result, the action might increase stress.

There are a number of reasons why people suffer from stress. Firstly, people spend much time in the office in which interpersonal relationship is massively built. This means many activities inquire regular contact with other people at work. Unfriendly partnerships with companions in the office and/or management could be a potential source of tensions. In addition, working pressure which is one of the stress archetypes can occur if people in work feel isolated or unfairly distributed.

Secondly, people suffer disproportionally under a diet program. It is the program which creates uneasy feeling and possible health issues because the diet diary involves extreme caloric restriction and fewer nutrients. When the fragile health issues undermine people, this might cause suffering. Finally, in the modern era, consumerism for some people is the main problem that could be paid attention because it is one of life style’s syndromes. Thus, the consumerism directly results ungratefulness. According to Jakarta Post, if the people, who have feeling of ungratefulness, become incredibly unhappy, this would lead a major factor in stress.

To solve the problem of sufferer, there are a number of points which I think could make people combat this disorder. People should be honest with their body, emotion and spirit. Honesty directly requires good communication skills which make people easy to send their life messages for friends. If people combine honesty with integrity, they seem to appear simple reflection to others. For example, before they start the working day, these people should write expressions of gratitude which some practitioners believe can release negative emotions at work. Next, people who get closer with family would have more time to share what went wrong for their life rather than who is not. This could bring people more confident if they are in trouble. As a result, people could enjoy life without having sufferer.

In conclusion, although these two solutions are valuable to prove emotionally unstressed life, individuals are hard to change their habits.

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