In many countries crime is on increasing. Wht are the main reasons for this? What can be done to improve the situations? Support your opinion with relevant examples.

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In recent years, crime is on peak and many factors are involved in the elevation of crime such as population, competition, poverty etc.

Crime encroaches almost every country of the world with little deflections. And , there are number of factors which seems to be associated with the root of crime such as unemployment , circumstances and motivation. These factors are the primary factors which which influences or deviates a person towards the crime. For example , an unemployed person who is struggling for a job , but he/ she would not get the job just because of he/she would not have high approach. So, definitely he/she could deflect towards crime. Moreover, some persons become criminals under the influence of other criminals.

However, for decreasing the crime, government as well as civilians should cooperate each other. Government should implement some rules for controlling population. Consequently, opportunities as well as scope for every civilian will elevate. Moreover, it would also diminish the poverty and enhance the economic status of the country. For example, if every person would get job , there would be a less chances of frustration and deflection towards crime. Moreover, government should also create some authorities for the help of persons who have some circumstantial problems. Subsequently, this person would not do any crime .

It is concluded from above analysis I made that , there are many primary factors which influence the person to commit crime. Therefore, to reduce crime , we have eliminate these primary factors .

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