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The IELTS listening part is RELATIVELY easy but this does not mean that you take it lightly and do not prepare for it.

Some tips:

1.The questions are in SETS and you hear tape recording for one set at a time.

2. Glance through the SET of questions for which you will be hearing the tape.

3.Read the questions & find out what SPECIFIC information is required (name, place, date, number etc)

4. Circle key words (Clue/trigger words)

5. When the tape plays listen intently when you think your specific information will come.


Q 1-5

1. Kevin is arriving London at __________

2. Dave will be waiting for Kevin at __________

3. Kevin will be wearing a ___________

4. Dave will be accompanied by ______________

5. Kevin is coming for______________

It is obvious from above that the key word for 1 is at & you will be writing TIME.

In 2 you will write a PLACE. In 3 CLOTHES, in 4 PERSON ACCOMPANYING DAVE & in 5 PURPOSE of visit. So you have already guessed what to listen for!

Listen to English program on RADIO at least half an hour a day. Two things are important; RADIO not TV, because TV is visual & scenes & visuals easily distract us. The next important thing is LISTEN & not just hear!

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