The bar chart below shows the estimated percentage of car trips taken by drivers in 2005.

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The given bar chart illustrates the percentage of two genders using the car for eight different purposes in 2005. By and large, more women than men took car trips for the purposes of courses, bank, running errands, visiting friends, and shopping. On the contrary, the percentage of men outstripped the women in terms of visiting town, recreation, and working.

For the particulars, with regard to the pinnacle, over 50% of the men commuted to work by car, as opposed to the number of men taking car trips for bank and running errands, accounting for under 5%. By the same token, the maximal proportion of the women was indicated in the category of working, culminating at nearly 40%. However, the purpose of visiting town witnessed the minimal statistic of the women, with merely 2%.

The most striking point is the yawning gap with respect to the number of two genders taking advantage of the car for different purposes. In the purpose of work saw the substantial gap, with 52% in men and 38% in women. Furthermore, the equivalence could be observed in the group of running errands and the bank, with 3% of men in both of which.

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