The charts below show the percentage water used for different purposed in six areas of the world.Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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The pie chart illustrate percentage of water consumption in 6 areas all over the world which are North America,South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and South east Asia.
As we can see in the chart, the usage of water is for three different sectors, industrial use,agricultural use and domestic use.
It is obvious in each chart that the usage of water in agriculture is the most.In addition domestic usage is the least.
However,proportion of industrial use is dramatically different in Europe than other areas which is 53% only for this sector. In the second place North America has the most usage and after that we see a huge drop in using water in industrial for South Africa.In comparison with America and Europe, Asia and Africa has the least consumption in industrial.
The charts show that domestic usage in Central Asia and South East Asia are equal which is 7%.There has been a slight difference in usage for Africa with 9%.
overall, Agriculture irrigation has the highest place in usage which with a long- term plan, countries will be able to control this massive use of water in this sector.

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