Many People like to wear fashionable clothes.Why do you think this is the caseIs this a good thing or bad thing

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Like it or not, you are being judged by how you look and how you dress! People like to wear fashionable clothes. They know that it can help them to find a better job, get more respect or have more friends. The stylish clothes help us to feel more attractive and confident. However, doesn’t it cost too much money? Nowadays, a lot of people care more about their appearance than about character, values and personality. As a result, fashionable clothes can be considered as a bad trend.

To begin with, the stylish clothes cost a lot, especially if they come from well-known designers, like Chanel, Versace, Prada. The cheap things can also become expensive, if you buy a lot of them. Moreover, to keep up the latest trends you need to do shopping often. Of course, for wealthy people it isn’t a big deal, but for those who hasn’t a lot of money it can be dangerous. They are wasting money on fashionable clothes instead of invest them.

Feathermore, a nice appearance can replace the lack of knowledge or skills at work. Those how look nice and wear stylish clothes earn more money and have higher positions. In my point of view it isn’t a good trend. We should be rewarded for our work, not for our appearance.

In conclusion, I believe that people attach too much importance to the clothes. We should stop baying them in excess and judging others by their appearance.

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