Some people think secondary students should study international news as a school subject, but others suggest that it is a waste of students' valuable school time. Discuss both and give your opinion.

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Consciousness of one's immediate and remote environment cannot be under-rated as this partly define and shape understanding of the world by people especially secondary school students. It has been argued by two schools of thoughts that secondary students should study international news as a school subject and otherwise. The pros and cons of these two perspectives will be looked at and thoroughly discussed here.

The need to introduce international news as a subject in secondary school cannot be overlooked. Students should be expose to world through this means as its importance to students is enormous. It is argued here that due to demanding nature of school curriculum, students have little or no time to watch or read international news at their leisure time. Besides, some students come from poor background like in Africa, and don't have access to television or Internet or newspaper to international news and as such, they are unaware of their environment. The world today has turned into a global village where everything is now inter-connected. Therefore, international news should be made a school subject.

On the other hand, introduction of international news as a school subject can be an exercise in futility. Students are not necessarily concerned by what happens in the world as they don't see it as important. Moreover, the school curriculum is filled with lot of subjects already and any additional subject will have negative impact on the students as they will have limited time for all the subjects.

In conclusion, the benefits of making international news as subject in secondary school outweigh the otherwise. Therefore, international news should be studied in secondary school

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