Success is only due to hard work. Luck does not make a person successful or unsuccessful. Do you agree or disagree?

Essay topics: Success is only due to hard work. Luck does not make a person successful or unsuccessful. Do you agree or disagree?

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Different people have different opinion about success, hard work and luck, and some believe that there is a strong connection between success and luck. However, others believe that luck does not play any role to become a successful person or unsuccessful personal in life. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that hard work is the only key to success.

To begin with, it is an undeniable fact that success would not come to you without working hard. Strong determination, confidence and desire to achieve something positive in life should always be cherished in mind and heart, and such aspiration can only be fulfilled by laborious work, not by luck. For example, there are a lot of prominent leaders who have reached to the summit of success by experiencing multifarious hardships, obstacles and ups and down in their early stage of life. Thus, it is proved that fate is not a factor that leads a person to success.

Further emphasizing my point of view, it is said that “No pain no gain”, therefore, the given old saying proves that happiness or success does not come to without working hard. One has to pave strong steps to reach to the pinnacle of success in his or her life. I believe that there is no better way to succeed than to follow the footsteps of those who have already been a successful personality in their life. For instance, Stev Jobs, Co-founder of Apple and Opra Winfere, media Mogul, so on.

Nonetheless, some still believe that luck plays a great role to make you successful person in life. They emphasize that success will be too far without luck, so, one has to have faith in luck. However, I still believe that willingness to work always hard is a prime contributing factor to reach to the success.

In conclusion, hard work, determination, willingness to take a risk and confidence are the contributing factors to lead you to success in life. Therefore, everyone should believe in their karma or deed not in luck.

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does not come to without working hard.
does not come without working hard.

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