Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies. To what extent do you think consumers are influenced by advertisement? What can be taken to protect them?'s picture

Customers are faced with growing numbers of advertisements from striving companies. I support the idea that shoppers are unquestionably influenced by advertisements. This essay will discuss firstly on how purchasers are being allured, and secondly, the proper actions that have to be carried out by the regime with relevant examples.

To begin with, buyers are generally compelled to purchase advertised products owing to the following two findings. Firstly, the battling companies often use celebrities, who have ordinarily millions of fans and are powerful, to endorse the items. Lionel Messi, the greatest football player of the current century, would be a good example. Adidas boots, which were promoted by him, are still being innately longed by youths because they are subconsciously convinced that wearing them would ensure a similar success as Messi. To add to this, the younger generation appears wonderfully happy and the shoes rather generate high motivations in them. Secondly, by far the next common method of grabbing consumers is promising happiness. Take beauty products (facial creams) for an instance. In order to entice clients, the business person usually displays perfect facial images beside the cream. So customers tend to grow sad unless they buy the product, ultimately compelling them to purchase creams regardless of the costs so as to achieve sheer happiness.

Having said that, customers can be protected from the unnecessary spending by the implementation of the two measures as mentioned below. Primarily, the government should levy high taxes on advertising companies. Understandably, imposing higher rate tariffs would demoralise the concerned companies that are just concentrating on profits over to the quality of the product. Next, another way to deal with the matter is to restrict the new forms of advertising, and this strategy has proved worthwhile according to the study. For illustration, advertising institutions are putting a full page adverts in new places like screens on the tube, bus stops, back of taxis, street walls, and so on. This type of advertising is not only surging in astounding ways but also remaining simply invasive. Therefore, if the ministry and Advertising Standard Authority worked hand in hand and enacted criminal laws against the law breakers, the rising advertisements could be mitigated. Since the companies would be paralysed with terrible fears, violating the laws could land them in prisons.

In conclusion, considering heavy taxes and banning unfamiliar ways of advertising, presumably, consumers can be prevented from wasting money subliminally on unneeded products.

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