In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?

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Many schools are facing to difficulties in educating students’ behaviour. This essay will discuss the reasons behind negative behaviour of some student and some measures that governments, schools and parents can take to tackle this issue.
One of the most important cause affecting student behaviour is the lack of care and guidance from parents. Nowadays, many parents are busy with their works and they do not have enough time and skills to teach their children. Besides, some people believe that schools have responsible for student education, while there are too students that teachers cannot take care of all of them. Moreover, TV and Internet are main entertainments of modern students so they influence of the things that shown in social media and the Internet. However, many programs are not suitable for children such as those films have a lot of violent scenes, even there are websites that encourage children to commit suicide.
Those problems will be solved successfully if parents spend a lot of time on their children. Therefore, they will understand their children’s strengths and weaknesses and give appropriate orientations. Furthermore, Government should monitor and manage the content of websites and social media. This is because Internet affects student psychology while parents and schools do not control all time students use computer.
In conclusion, the development of students are important to family and social, so parents and schools need to take care of behaviour of students. Therefore, schools should coordinate with parents in terms of making discipline the children.

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