In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people.What do you think may be the reasons for this?What problems might this cause in society?

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In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people.
What do you think may be the reasons for this?
What problems might this cause in society?

In every society, the elderly have key important roles and, they often consider as a problem-solver. However, Nowadays, the lack of appreciation for the elderly occurs in various countries. This essay will address the change of local value as the cause and that critical influence on the family relationship as the effect of this phenomenon.

The principal reason why young people do not regard senior citizen in the recent day is because of the change of local values in the community. It changes how the people perceive the elderly role, either in the family or in society. Decades ago, for instance, if the young people had a problem, they would have sought a piece of advice from the senior citizen. In contrast, in today world younger people prefer to ask assistance in social media or from their peer-group, since, they assume that the elderly have outdated views concern of the society. As a result, the existence of the elder people would not be highly respected. Moreover, the elderly mostly depends on young people for the living. consequently, they would less be appreciated, since they are considered as a burden to some people.

In regard to this issue, it should be solved immediately due to the severe consequence that of causes to society. This problem could directly influence the relationships between the family. For example, children who witness their parent treat the elderly poorly might have the same attitude toward them in the future. In the end, it would be a vicious cycle inherited to the next generation and affected the society as general.

To conclude, I believe that disregard to the older people mainly caused by the deviant of local value and, it would badly influence the family bonds as well as society.

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