By punishing murderers with the death penalty, society is also guilty of committing murder. Therefore, life in prison is a better punishment for murderers. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?'s picture

Some folks think that by penalising murderers with the capital punishment, society is also highly culpable of committing murder. So it is their view that life in prison is an ideal punishment for murderers. I do not agree with the idea. This essay will discuss on why the death penalty is far superior than the prison sentences.

On the one hand, advocates of life imprisonment insist that it is more humane and less cruel sentences than the death penalty. Because life in prison offers a person to enjoy parts of their lives, by still being able to keep in touch with their families. To add to this, some prisoners are often granted parole after being assessed by a board. In contrast during the capital punishment, many innocent people have been wrongly executed associated with a failure of lethal injections, which led to unnecessary prolonged sufferings. On the second place, this life time punishment tends to provide a complete satisfaction to victims as the suffering is chronic that can make offenders really count. Decades of decades living in a cage and being treated like animals is worse than the death penalty.

However, i strongly believe that criminals ought to get the death penalty since it acts as a powerful deterrent. For illustration, law breakers would think twice knowing that committing crimes could take their lives, compelling them not to choose the evil act. Conversely, incarcerating criminals in prison is neither punishing nor intimidating. For example, most felons have accesses to a startling array of comforts in prison, and some of them prefer to return back to prison owing to the facilities even after their releases. Hence, in order to keep society safe and instil terrible fears in the brains of every murderer, the death penalty is the only option. Next, the death penalty is imperative so as to stop the wasting of taxpayer's money. According to the study, the cost of executions per person is 10 million dollars per year. Executing criminals lessens onerous burdens of draining taxes on these violators who are not even worth the time to kill them.

In conclusion, although the capital punishment have deficiencies like the execution of uninvolved ones and ineffective injections, these can be improved by using DNA technology and seeking medical experts respectively. Considering major scares and the reduction of financial strains, life in prison is nowhere near as preferable as the death sentence.

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