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Some people think placing advertisements in schools is a great resource for public schools that need additionally funding, but others think it exploits children by treating them as a captive audience for corporate sponsors.Choose which position you most a

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Nowadays, advertisements are available far and wide. Definitely, school advertising is not an exception. While some people think of school advertising as a financing channel which helps schools develop their budgets, the others might think children are not the right audiences for corporate sponsors. This essay will be discussing why we can place advertisements in school without destructing educational environment.

Firstly, promotions, especially ones with positive education content help children pay more attention to the educational products that are being introduced, and therefore feel more exciting when practicing the activities they have seen on the ads. For example, when a book publisher set up on school walls a banner which is a visual photo of a boy or a girl who is reading book in a green park, together with the slogan “Reading book helps us build a peaceful world”. Absolutely, this advertisement is a good message that will motivate children to read. Thus, they will have better social knowledge as well as improve their mindset to build a better world.

Secondly, posters which are promoting sports should be an excellent method that can be used to inspire children into a lifelong love of sport. For example, attractive photos of children who are playing football, basketball, swimming, etc. will trigger children to play the games and their physical development will be improved accordingly. Thus, they will have a healthier life as well as relieve stress from studying at school.

In conclusion, setting up advertisements in school is not only resulting in financial development of the school but also encouraging educational activities. By filtering appropriate advertising content, advertisements are not only the effective funding mechanism but they are also a channel to extend kids' creative ability.

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