Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work.How do you think children should spend their free time ?

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It is jealous to realise that children have abundant free time to fiddle away while adults have to work eight hours a day with little time for relaxation. Therefore, some people propose that children should be allocated more school because they are given excessive free time. However, I oppose this proposal. I think children should spend their free time playing and eating due to the nature of childhood.

On one hand, children are inefficient in learning due to the stage of childhood. The brain of a child is rapidly growing; thus, children cannot remember all the knowledge learnt in school. The memory in childhood is so terrible that a study reveals that an aduld recalls merely 4% of their childhood. Therefore, I reject the suggestion that children should spend more time on school work, rather I deem children ought to spend their free time to play and eat because his suits their need in childhood.

On the other hand, the rapid growth of body requires plenty time to exercise and sufficient food to consume. The stage of childhood is the fastest growing period. In order to provide adequate nutirents to nurish, children must consume enough food. Besides, child should have adequate amount of exercise to develop a healthy physique. Therefore, child plays whenever and wherever. On the contrary, if children spend more time in school, they cannot have sufficient time to play and eat. I believe it is the best for child to spend their free time to play and eat, rather than study in school.

In conclusion, the special nature of childhood requires adults to take a different approach to their free time. Children have bad memory and require food and exercise. I think children should spent their free time in playing and eating.

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