Some people think that the effective way to reduce pollution is to tax the companies which cause it. Others think that there are better ways to achieve this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Air pollution and global warming are the end result of enormous amount of fossil fuel burned in the industries. To reduce the pollution level and clear the air few people ponder that, high tax penalty should be imposed to the companies, so that they control the emission of toxic chemicals, however this step seems to be unpractical as we have option of clear energy.
As per my opinion is strongly advocate that putting high tax does not solve the issue, companies needs to adopt latest technology to control the pollution. In this essay I will discuss both the view and explain that using better process and technique could be the best solution of the pollution.

Firstly, It is fact that fear of tax or high penalty, leads companies to follow the rules and regulations. However, It has been observed in the past companies sucessed to cheat the government by giving false report on their pollution level, even though they cause tremendous amount of pollution. For an instance, In 2015 one of the world's leading automobile company was found guilty for inserting a electronic device in their cars so that they can mislead the exact amount of emission but authorities tracked this and because of this company call back all their sold out cars back. Therefor, fear of tax can lead companies towards corruption.

On the other side, Now we have advanced technology which can contribute companies to low the pollution and these methods are far effective. For an example, main cause of pollution is burn the fossil fuels to generate the energy, but using solar energy, wind turbines and hydro electric options can be use to produce energy. These methods are Eco-friendly and zero carbon emission process, furthermore, electric battery operated automobiles vehicles can be replaced with conventional fossil fuel based models. Thus, By using clean energy we can minimize the pollution level and these methods are less expensive.

To conclude, As I discussed both the points, we could not solve the pollution problem by increasing the tax amount, companies should move towards clean energy and environment saver process.

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