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67. Young people nowadays do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past.

Essay topics: 67. Young people nowadays do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past.

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Teachers are such pulling factors behind all successful students and developed societies. Therefore, they deserve being treated with great respects. When it comes to respect for teachers, controversy surrounds the issue of whether they are highly respected by young individuals in comparison with those in the past or not. Some people are of the opinion that since they have made considerable contribution to a society through sacrificing even their private lives for the improvement of children’s academic performance, they definitely earn high esteem. I believe, however, nowadays young children show less respect to their teachers for the following reasons.

One of the most interesting aspects of the current discussion which needs a keen contemplation is that young people treat in a disrespectful manner due to their less dependence on their teachers. Most of the time, they send funny jocks, through Viber and Whatsap application installed on their cell phones, to other classmates in the middle of teaching, which would be a serious not only distraction but also disturbance for the class. All these tasks are such serious disrespectful behavior toward teachers. They know that if they fall behind other students, they will be able to make the best use of technology to expand their knowledge. As a result, they pay no more attention to teachers’ lecture or discussion. However, in the past, before students thought about getting high score on their exams, they had to be more polite to their teachers in order to capture teachers’ attention instead of falling the course.

Another noteworthy aspect of the ongoing discussion which demands to be reflected is that parents’ expectations have been raising. Since they have paid such considerable tuition fees for their school children, they expect teacher not only to teach children but also to treat respectfully with the children. Otherwise they will complain about the teachers’ behaviors and performance which might result in quitting their jobs. Even worse is that when their children perform better than before, they believe that the teacher took his responsibilities as he has to do. While in the past values were completely different. For instance, when my mother, teaching students at high school 15 years ago, punished a lazy student, his mother appreciated her for such behavior because parents used to value more teachers no matter whether their behaviors are too strict.

To sum up, not only increasing parents’ expectation from teachers but also children’ being less dependent on teachers are the reasons why today’s young children do not respect their hardworking teachers. I hope that all people understand how important the teachers’ roles are in a country.

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