A/D? It is better to take risks and explore new things when you are older than when you are young.

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A/D? It is better to take risks and explore new things when you are older than when you are young.

It is a risk itself not to take any risks. In such a sophisticated world that everything is changing very quickly, the only thing that leads to success is taking risks. This brings up a controversial question: When should people explore new things in their environment? In my vantage point, people should explore new things when they are younger in order to expand their knowledge, help other people and be lively. What follows is the elaboration of my viewpoint.

An important reason that immediately comes to mind is that taking risks and gaining experience in adolescence is better than older ages. In fact, young people need to improve their skills to remain competitive in their jobs and succeed. New skills are obtained through experience. For instance, a businessman constantly achieves new information about the business world by facing with several financial and economic issues. He finds solutions for the problems and retains them in his mind to decide properly in the future. Hence, that is better to expand the range of knowledge in younger ages before failing drastically.

It should also be noted that people are looking forward to consult with the elderly. Besides the importance of improved skills during youthfulness in someone’s own life, it can be beneficial for the other people as well. For example, when my psychologist friend was working on a depressed patient a few years ago, she had difficulties to solve the patient’s problem because she only knew the rules that she had studied in the textbooks. When she consulted with her supervisor, she solved the patient’s problem and learned that she should always be up to date because the conditions are always changing. Now she is experienced to the extent that her new coworkers consult with her.

The last but not least reason is that young people need to have diversity in their lives. Taking risks omits boring aspects of life and teaches young people how to be adventurous. That is to say, adventurous people are lively and active. To clarify, take the example of a young biologist who explores the wildlife and nature. He always encounters new events in his life and enjoys taking trips. When he gets older, he has a lot of fond memories that thinking and talking about them are interesting and attractive that even the oldest people never get bored of hearing them.

By and large, taking risk plays a decisive role in every individual’s life. Considering how much the experiences are useful for the person himself and the other people and how delightful and lively the person becomes by adventuring, exploring new things will be much better at young ages.

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