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A/D it is more important for government to spend money on improving internet access than on public transportation.

Essay topics: A/D it is more important for government to spend money on improving internet access than on public transportation.

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When it comes to choose which one is more important, internet access or public transportation? Based on current situation, I would vote for public transportation without doubts. In addition to the serious congestion, public transportation today emits assorted kinds of polluted air into the atmosphere. Therefore, compared to the advanced internet access, government is supposed to focus more on public transportation.

First of all, there is no denying the fact that congestion has bothered every city dweller for so many times. Have you ever experienced getting caught in the traffic jams for half an hour without moving forward for a mile when you are hurried to the office? Have you ever dream ...

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for the government to spend money on improving Internet access than on public transportation.

Whether or not government should spend money on public transportation or expanding internet access for all community members is a controversial issue. Quite a few people may say that having internet in all areas for today's community is an important factors, but others, in contrast, may say that with growth of cities and towns, it is necessary for a government to spend money on public transportation than other issues. As far as I am concerned, governments should spend money on public transportation in that not only has it been used by all community members, but also it is more effective for a community. In addition, public transportation is more necessary than internet access.

The first point which should be mentioned here and it is essential is that public transportations are used by many people is undeniable. To illustrate, when we considered many countries such as china, India, and the USA, these countries are very crowded and without a well-developed transportation system, these counties will face many problems. So for example, in china we have many trains and buses which almost more than million people every day use these devices.

Another subtle point which deserves to be mentioned here is that developing transportation system can be very useful for a country. If a country has a good transportation system then there are fewer cars which have been used, so that they can save money by burning fewer fuels. Moreover, when people started to use their own cars, this will case heavy traffic in cities in that other people cannot went to their works.
Last but not least, public transportation is more essential than Internet access. For example, in one hundred years ago people had lived without Internet, but we know even in ancient times people were tried to build road for their cities. From past up to now, governments have been trying to have a well-developed public transportation systems.

In conclusion, owing to the aforementioned reasonable causes and elucidation described in previous paragraphs, it seems to be good to draw the well-found conclusion that governments should spend their money on public transportation because it helps many people and also it can be very useful. Moreover, public transportation is an essence of a community.