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The automobile is destroying our quality of life. Agree or disagree?

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When it comes to the issue the effects of the automobile on quality of life, some people that the automobile has a constructive role in modern life. However, others have the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the former point carries more weight. I take this position on account the following reasons.

First and the most important reason is that the automobile makes life comfortable. The cars help people to do their job easily, and increase their welfare. I think that there is not a better example than me when I want to go to a store. I like to go to shopping center once per week, so I have to buy many foods at one time. It is quite normal that I can not carry these amounts of foodstuffs with a crowed subway. In this way, the use of my personal car allows me to put my foods at the back of the car, and came back home with the nice music and happy mood for the shopping.

A further point we must consider is that the use of private cars save our time and energy. As we all know, the modern people tend to do their job as quickly as possible. For achieve this, they constantly tend to innovate new technologies to save time and energy. The automobile is one of modern equipment that helps people to have more time. I think that a small instance can give some light on this matter. If you want to go to another city, you can use of a train, while it may not be flexible with your schedule and you have to spend much time for this travel. On contrary, a private car allows you to travel with your planning, which prevents to waste your time. The times have different means for modern people. It can mean money for businessmen, knowledge for school students and profits for companies.

In contrast, the use of private cars can have some disadvantages such as inactivity. As we all know, we are living in a culture that new technologies lead people to be reluctant to do physical activities. According to this trend, people like to use of private cars even though they want to commute a short path. I admit that the automobile changes our life style and make us inactivity, it is not necessarily to always use of the personal. Sometimes, we can walk or ride a bicycle for going to office or school.

All above evidence supports this undeniable fact that the automobile makes life continent and save our time. Of course, as an English proverb goes “a coin has two sides”; therefore, those who take the opposite view are partly reasonable that the use of cars lead people to do not have physical activities. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that its profits outweigh dangerous. Last but not least, I hope that people gain the deeper knowledge that the use of cars does not mean they do not need physical activities.

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