Do you agree or disagree? The best teacher should be very knowledgeable. Use examples and reasons to support your idea.

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Do you agree or disagree? The best teacher should be very knowledgeable. Use examples and reasons to support your idea.

Being a good teacher is not easy at all. Managing a group of young energetic children needs management skills, creativity, and good knowledge. However, I believe that a key characteristic of a teacher that makes him or her the best one is being knowledgeable. A knowledgeable teacher can better handle the class for some reasons.

First of all, a deep and vast knowledge of a subject makes the teacher capable of conveying it to the students' minds. When I was at school age, my mother once told me that when you want to see if you have learnt something well, try to teach it to another person. Because in this way, you need to explain the subject, support it by appropriate examples, introduce supplementary resources, and repeat your idea in different words until it is fully understood by the other one.

Secondly, students will rather easily trust on a knowledgeable figure. Young minds are like sponges. They have a hunger for new knowledge. A teacher who can endow a delicious dish of well-backed data to them will be the most desirable thing in the world. Therefore, a knowledgeable teacher will become soon a favorable character for the students. They recognize him or her as a trustable guide who knows every aspect of the subject matter. They trust their teacher which is an important factor in the process of education.

Finally, a teacher who has a good confidence to his or her knowledge will feel convenient at the class. Feeling relieved while teaching leads the teacher to be creative. In a class room with a variety of students who are different in intellectual capacity, a teacher should attract all the attentions and convey a specific knowledge to the students' minds. Explaining the same subject in different words and using creative examples needs a minimum of effort for a knowledgeable teacher.

To sum it up, to call a teacher the best one, it is of great importance that he or she can explain a subject well with proper examples. Moreover, the students should trust on the teacher in order to let him or her to educate them. Therefore, I think the best teacher should be very knowledgeable.

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