Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Although science and technology will continue to improve the most significant improvement for the quality of people s lives has already taken place

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Although science and technology will continue to improve, the most significant improvement for the quality of people's lives has already taken place.

In today's progressive world we live in, no one can turn a blind eye to the significance of technology. When it comes to whether the technology will continue to fall people's life under its influence or not, there are different ideas. Some people believe that technology will change life quality in the upcoming decades, as much in the past decades did. Others hold the opinion that technology has already has achieved its best results. From my vantage point, the first group carries more weight. I will explain my reasons to support my idea.

First, the goal of science and technology is to boost the standards of human life, so the more progress of science and technology, the higher the quality of life. It was hard for people in the past generation to imagine current life quality; then, it is not surprising that it would be hard to guess how technology changes people's lives in the future. If you ask someone who lives in 1800 to predict life in the current century, they really couldn't give a realistic approach. People in the past generation couldn't imagine having video calls with others on the farthest continents or share live videos. These are significant treasure troves of technology and, Surprise inventions that will continue to change human life unpredictably.
Moreover, considering NASA projects give us a perspective on possible changes. They try to find a new planet to living. Same as now we could have a flight from china to Newyork, mankind would simply have a flight between planets. Colonization and travel to the other asteroids wouldn't be a dream anymore. Many things that are fiction-science right now will become fact-science. These are all might happen because the technology called technology for its wonders.
Third, there are so many problems that technology and science just try to solve, and the world is not that sheer heaven right now. Environmental issues, global warming, poverty and hunger, lack of resources, unfair distribution of wealth, unbalance in the quality of life in the different parts of the world, to name a few. Although our lives are much better than before, we still far-fetched from an ideal life that actually sync with human deserve. So, technology and science via solving these issues will keep enhancing living standards and make living conditions better for the next generations.

In conclusion, all reasons mentioned above lead us to the conclusion that improvement of world changes as a result of technology and science will keep its speed because of its unpredictable nature, and also there is a lot of challenges in the worlds that they need to solve by science and cutting-edge technology.

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