do you agree or disagree people today live longer than they were in the past

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do you agree or disagree? people today live longer than they were in the past

Since the beginning of the current century, people have become healthier than they were in the past. To put it in other word, nowadays, people can take care of their health, so they can live longer than ever before. From my perspective, the main reasons of this phenomenon are the advancements in the technology and people are more aware of healthy behaviors. Below I will strive to explain my supporting points in more details.

The first and foremost point, in the past, life was very simple, and technology was primitive. Thus, many cures and vaccines did not exist. On the other hand, in the last two decades, the technological innovations have improved dramatically, which give researchers chance to make many medicinal advancements that seem impossible to past generations. A vivid example that could be given to shed light on what was elaborated above is, in 1960, with technology scientists invented the first artificial heart, and surgeons attempted the first live transplantation. Moreover, these medical improvements saved many people’s lives, and the death rate has declined drastically. In addition to that, the US government use technology to amplify its heath care system; hence, Americans can easily access the care. Provided that they follow up with their primer doctors and do annual checks, they can discover any disease early, which increase the chance of recovery. Consequently, technology plays an essential role in lengthen people’ lifespan.

Next, coupled with medical technological advances, awareness of healthy attitudes is another conspicuous reason why people live longer than ever before. To be more elucidate, this days, people are more educated and have a broad knowledge about the healthy behaviors. For instance, People in the developed countries, such as Canada and the United State of America are accustomed to playing exercise, which reduce the risk of many disease, such as heart strokes and diabetes. Furthermore, in markets, there are availability of various organic fruits and vegetables, which have been cultivated without pesticides or chemicals. People in the American and Canadian society are aware that pesticides are harmful, so they opt for eating organic food. Likewise, the less exposed to these devastating materials, the less prone to many diseases, such as cancer. As A result, having idea about the healthy eating habits improves people’s health significantly.

Taking everything into consideration, without a a doubt, people nowadays live more time, not only because of the technology advancements, but also better eating practices. It is suggested that governments put more fuds to educate communities about healthy behaviors through ongoing advertisements and programs.

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... everything into consideration, without a a doubt, people nowadays live more time, ...

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