The government can take a variety of actions to help protect the environment. Whichone of the following do you think is the most important for the nation’s governmentto take to protect the environment.1. Fund the research to develop environmentally frie

As far as I am concerned, it ie of great importance to enforce laws to prevent the big companies from polluting the air and water, because big companies with large scale of production can jeopardize the environment severely and have detrimental influence on the whole society. In addition, compared with the other two actions, the third action is more strict and has instant but endurable effect.

First and foremost, big companies that acquire larger amount of resources from the society have more responsibilities and once they ignore their responsibilities and merely concentrate on the profit, disasters will occur. For instance, if we look through the website for some environment news, it's not scarce that leaking petrol in the ocean, polluted water emission, and the abuse of detrimental chemicals happen everywhere on earth every day. Those big companies with big power are supposed to utilize advanced technologies to protect the environment, but without the laws they may only focus on their profit, making them to take the rick of harm the environment. Therefore, it is important to enforce laws to circumscribe the behavior of the big companies.

Furthermore, the big companies are under the supervision of the whole society, which amplifies their role of example. So if some big companies are reluctant or passive to participate into the action to protect the environment, the conscience of the employees and the head managers deserve to be suspected. And if people from these companies spread their false vale to their community and family, we cannot estimate the negative influence they have on the whole society. Likewise, if other startups and small companies witness the action of leader in their industries, it is likely the startups and small companies will emulate these big companies due to the pressure of survival and development. In this way, our society will be caught in the negative feedback, making environment protection impossible.

Last but not the least, compared with the other two actions, limitation on the big companies is apparently more effective because of their capacity and influence as I mentioned above. However, if we choose to give the research on environmentally friendly energy priority, there is no guarantee that we can obtain the energy timely to protect the environment. The long period of the researches inhibits us from adopting the first method as major action. Similarly, preserving the natural places could not have instance effect as the third action does because the protection of forests also demands abundant time. So the third action is more effective than other two actions, which adds importance to the third action.

In conclusion, enforcing laws to limit the companies is the most important action to take, not only because the responsibilities the big companies have on their shoulders and their model effect on the whole society, but also because it is more effective than the other two actions.

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