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It is more important for universities to invest in infrastructure and physical plant than to invest in keeping the faculty satisfied.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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There are certain consideration of factor which everyone can take into account to investigate and examine how university ought to make an investment. I certainly believe that, infrastructure or physical plant necessitate investments to keep the university with pace of constant development of modernized education. Someone can evidently weigh the pros and the cons of my each reasons. The reasons on which my stance is based are discussed in details below.

First reason coming to mind substantiating my stand point is concerned with this issue that importance of opportunities that are related to education technique which can help you to chase the higher dream of life as well as career. Colleges play such an important role in learning process of individuals. With the help of improved infrastructure, students tend to get further in their life. The best example that fit this notion is my own experience. Years ago, when I was freshman at college, there was an ongoing survey conducted by administration regarding to vote whether the university must buy novel instruments in science department. Most of the student, including me, voted for new instrument which later helped us with regard to our major project. That was so amazing experience so by utilizing the devices we were able to understand the sense of electron activity on magnetic field. It goes without saying that, I always opt for infrastructure which we can benefit from at university rather than satisfaction.

Another crucial reason which deserve some word here is that method may be so helpful in labeling the university as one of the reputable schools in nation as well as appealing more students owing to sources and facilities, whereas some universities do not possess. It is important to consider that there are certain things that has voluminous impact on the students in order to choose a university and the university with complex of potentials is the core factor to be preferred. A vivid example can be given to shed light on the subject is my sister experience. Merely factor why she picked one of the foremost universities among a thousand is the infrastructure they offered. For instance, I still recall it the college she went had real Boeing 737 simulator for student who are majoring at aviation. Without a shadow of doubt, influence on university age people is quite favorable.

Having considered all the aforementioned grounds discussed above, I am of opinion that foundation of universities based on their power and the power is derived from the opportunities they are able to offer and the fame they do hold. Moreover, if you have these skills or capabilities so you would be already bringing forth the satisfaction. I strongly advocate my points owing to they are well enough convincing reasons for my approval. Hence, there is no doubt that I disagree with investment in faculty satisfaction.

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