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It should be the environment rather than economic development for the government to focus on. Do you agree or disagree?

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The economic development of countries, it is a fact that cannot be detained by anyone. In fact, those countries that don't develop in the same pace as the rest of the world are considered "Third world countries". This is an interesting topic that will divide people because each person will provide a different opinion. Nevertheless, when it comes to me, I outright consider that undoubtedly the government should pay attention to the economic development based on some reasons.

To begin with, the word "Economic development" encompasses a bunch of fields that should not be neglected by the government. Scientists are concurred that if the country doesn't produce enough money, it won't be able to compete with other countries of the region. Therefore, students won't have an education with quality, people will live much less, and even environmental problems cannot be solved. Let's make a brief explanation about that. Canada is a good quotation due to the fact that the government has focused on industries, as a result the fields mentioned above have developed as well. Moreover, the government has destined resources to environmentally politics design to protect the trees. otherwise, it wouldn't be able to do it.

Another noteworthy aspect is that to focus on the economy doesn't means that the environment will be damaged. The most conspicuous aspect about capitalism is that enough resources are produced to develop environmentally friendly projects. Let me shed light on my point. The use of panels in order to take advantage from the sun as a source of energy for millions of people in the United States is the most innovative and even healthy invention. For instance, with the use of this method, millions of trees can be preserved, thus protecting and preserving the houses of animals' species that live in those areas.

In addition, the economic development has also given the opportunity to find the cure to deadly diseases. Thanks to the funds donated by the government, universities have found treatment that can treat and even cure illness such as cancer and some virus like AIDS. So, one can conclude that money improve people's live.

To sum up, I consider that the government should focus on the economic development more than any other thing because in this way more than one field might be developed, environmentally friendly politics can be created and finally more diseases can be cured.

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