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People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Colleges or Universities are often called as the temple for learning. Many people have different reasons to attend them. Some of them attend universities to seek deeper understanding in the area of their interests. While some people choose to go to colleges and universities to have a new experience. I believe that there are various reasons for people to go to universities and colleges.
To begin with, many people go to universities for increased knowledge. A deeper knowledge in any field is demanded and is respected by the society. That's why most of the people choose to go for higher studies. For instance, one of my friend who completed his bachelors in Electronics Engineers chose to pursue his interest in Embedded Systems. This, according to him will let him get a deeper understanding of the specialized field and thus will fetch him a better job. Thus most people choose to go to university or college to increase their knowledge levels.
Secondly, most people choose to go to universities of college to gain a new experience. It is good to know about different culture and being in a new environment often changes our perspective. Hence most students see universities and colleges as a means of getting a new experience. For example, it is common among Asian students who often go to western countries for their education. As we all know, Asian culture is quite different from western culture and hence most Asian students see universities and colleges as means of getting new experience. Also, at universities or colleges we meet people from different backgrounds and we socialize with them which do provides a new experience.
What's more, some see universities and colleges as a platform to advance their careers. A higher education means a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject. Consider the case of my elder brother, he was working in a IT firm for five years and then he decided to do Masters in Business Administration. This helped him in his career. He was promoted from a team leader to the position of IT Manager. From his example, we can easily say that a stint at the university helped him in his career.
All in all, there are various reasons behind people's attending universities and colleges. But to conclude, it can be said that everyone look for a positive outcome from attending a university or a college.

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