Some universities focus on having excellent libraries laboratories and other facilities Others focus more on hiring the most successful and qualified professors Which system do you think benefits students more and why Include details and examples in your

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Some universities focus on having excellent libraries, laboratories, and other facilities. Others focus more on hiring the most successful and qualified professors. Which system do you think benefits students more, and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.

Needless to say that education is not a preparation for life, but it is life itself. Therefore, nowadays, almost all high school graduates have striven to gain higher education that can guarantee them a secure career in the future. Recently, the amelioration of higher education has aroused many debates. Many people think that universities should focus on advancing their facilities like libraries and laboratories to gain a good reputation. However, from my perspective, I firmly believe that prestigious colleges should consider hiring skilled instructors a priority to help students to gain valuable knowledge. In what follows, I will aptly substantiate my viewpoints.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that lecturers play the most significant role in the higher education process. To elaborate on that point, I undoubtedly believe that skilled lecturers can help students to grasp the fundamental knowledge and the practical applications of it. so it will qualify them to be excellent candidates in the future even in the presence of fierce competition. In addition to the priceless knowledge that scholars would gain, discussion with those knowledgeable instructors can also enable scholars to develop several skills like critical thinking skills that can certainly profound the comprehension of their academic curriculum. My experience is a relevant example to support this viewpoint; I vividly remember because of my pharmacology professor 's advice, guidance, and immeasurable support, I managed to conduct a unique research about a new medication for hepatitis while I was in college that enabled me not only to be graduated with honor but also promoted me to work in Glaxo, one of the most famous leading pharmaceuticals companies in my country. Based on what I mentioned, We can conclude that colleges should consider hiring skilled teachers a priority to help scholars to sharpen their professional skills.

Another equally significant point to be mentioned is that the reliance on technology could provide teachers will many supportive educative tools that may offset the absence of advanced facilities in the college. To shed light on this point, I firmly believe that expert lecturers still has a chance to wisely select many U tube explanation videos, online references, and abstracts of many studies conducted by international experts to expand scholars' horizons and profound their knowledge even in the absence of advanced facilities of the college. The article that I read in the New York Times can provide a piece of evidence on that point, according to a study conducted at Oxford University, statistics reveal that reliance on internet technology has enabled ninety-five percent of colleges in numerous states in the USA to enhance the academic performance of their graduates. As you can see, instructors along with technology are the motive power in the education process.

In conclusion, if we contemplate the mentioned reasons, we will soon realize that lecturers' role in the education process is more important than any other supplemental tool in education.

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para 4: reason 3. address both of the views presented for reason 3
para 5: conclusion.

So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

for example, we can always apply 'save time', 'save/make money', 'find a job', 'make friends', 'get more information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

or we can apply 'waste time', 'waste money', 'no job', 'make bad friends', 'get bad information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

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