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TOPIC# 28 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities.

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One of the major problem with media is excessive attention towards the personal lives of public figures, and in today’s day and age of internet this has only increased many fold. I believe such excessive attention not only harms the society but, also affects the lives of the public figures as well.

Newspapers have special pages to cover personal details of celebrities, and there are entire TV channels and magazines dedicated as well for this. I believe such coverage of celebrities has a harmful affect on the society. Firstly, the space used to cover this unimportant stuff can be used for much more important things, which would in fact affect the life of the readers in some way. For example, the space can be used for covering more news that affects the society or local government elections, etc. Secondly, many celebrities have been able to turn this incessant media attention to their advantage. For Example: In United States, Kim Kardashian has created a brand image of her and her family’s personal lives, with even a reality show dedicated to them. This in turn pulls more and more people into their personal lives, which obviously won’t help the viewer in anyway.

Sometimes, the celebrities themselves may also be affected by the constant telecast of their personal lives to the world. It is well known that many young celebrities who could not deal with such attention, had developed personal problems. Even for adult celebrities such consistent attention could take toll on their personal life, even a small mistake in front of cameras could lead to their personal life being ripped apart. There have been many cases where actors or politicians where caught doing something embarrassing in private leading to great public loss of image.

There are some people who argue that the media is not at fault here, they believe that its’ the readers who demand such intimate coverage of public figures. However, I do not agree to this, it may be true that some people look for every minute personal detail of their favorite public figure. But, this does not mean the media should pamper excessively to such viewers. If anything, this leads to more and more people asking for such content.

Everyone, from the common man to celebrities have a right to privacy and it is our responsibility to honor the same. In the process of covering personal lives of public figures and celebrities the media is playing with the personal lives of people and keeping the viewers glued to content which serves no purpose. Media outlets need to stop monetising on the personal life of public figures and celebrities.

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