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TPO-05 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment-doing things they like to do-rather than doing things they should do.Use specific reasons and examples to suppo

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Today, a prevalent statement we hear a lot is that people are spending too much time on pleasure rather than doing things they should do. Because as we notice, people tend to travel around or go shopping, tasting in new restaurants these days. A considerable number of opponents, however, argue that people are just being more efficient in work and pay more attention to relaxation today. As far as I am concerned, the latter view seems to align more with my personal perspective. There are several reasons that support my point of view. However, the following two will suffice here.

To begin with, although people may work fewer hours a day than they used to, it does not equal saying that they do not spend enough time in what they should do. It is not fair for us to talk about this without taking efficiency into consideration. To be specifical, a man one hundred years ago may have to start with collecting wood when he tried to build a house. These kinds of jobs may cost him twelve hours of work every day due to the low productivity that time. This also results him no time to spend on personal enjoyment. However, today we use material manufactured in factories and construct with machines. In this case, even though we may need to work only eight hours a day, we indeed build more houses. That is also the ultimate purpose of the advance of science and technology: to free humanity from repeated and unproductive activity, which should be regarded as a development instead of being blamed.

For another, spending seemly more time on personal enjoyment will help improve people's efficiency, too. In a society with huge productivity, what matters more is not how much time we spend working on repeated tasks but on what great ideas we could come out with. Sometimes, a great idea may worth thousands of working machines. For example, in the earily period of exploration of the space, NASA may hire thousands of girls to perform accurate calculation. However, the idea of computer is so brilliant that these works could be done with a single click on a button. I bet these great ideas would not come from a scientist who is satisfied with the situation that ''people are hard-working and they spend twelve hours a day in calculation''. It will only come from a scientist who thinks we should figure out a way to free people from these works so that they can spend more time on relaxation. And there is no doubt that the latter kind of scientists rather than the former ones are the driven power behind the development of our society.

Admittedly, a minority of people may think that if people spend more free time on their study or their work, then they will be more success and the society will develop faster. However, what should be pointed out here is that, the aim of society development is allowing people to live a comfortable life and do the things they want instead of spending every minute on work.

For the reasons mentioned above, I disagree with the statement.

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