TPO-07 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Students should learn what is needed for their life.Some people believe that student should learn about concepts and ideas rather than facts. On the other hand, some think the opposite, that facts and serious life is more important than ideas and concepts and dreams that are taught in school. I strongly believe that we should involve our children in serious life, the sooner the better. I have following reasons to support my idea.

First of all, when we are at school we are so little that we can not decide for our selves. So the school has to give good program to us and organize us well. When I was in my school in Iran unfortunately foreign language was not in our program at all. Elementary school was done without any English as English become international language nowadays. So I had dreams about foreign countries such as USA like heaven. I feel behind the world now. There was no Cartoon in English or Suboprah that I can learn English from.

Moreover, maths and chemistry are taught to school children but how much are they going to use is the question. Here in North America I heard when they are going to Art they do not need to know any mathematics so the kids are very weak in mathematics in comparison with middle east countries. I wasted my time in Iran by being a good student in maths and chemistry that no where in the world is seen. Calculation with Persian numbers, knowing chemistry formula by heart in Farsi does not count any other place other than Iran. My major which is computer programming in Iran is so competitive too.

Furthermore, real life is different from what we learnt in school we have to learn it as life goes on. The most important thing to know that I recently became to know is how to make money. When we are at school age we are educated to work and make money for better life.

All in all, I strongly agree with the idea that we need to teach more serious and real thing to kids in school. So that when they come to real world they do not shock with reality and all their dreams become unreal.

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