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TPO-16 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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There is myriad consideration or factors that every person should take into account regarding travel by tour guide. Most of the people like to traveling new places for fun and relax. From my vantage point, I certainly agree that a person should travel is in the group led by tour guide because of easier, get deep knowledge about place, safe and enjoyable trip.
To begin with, every person wants to travel in the new place. He has not known about the every city and tourist place. Guide make an easier journey to reach the specific location. It saves money and time which is most important when we travel. For example, in new places, if the person is not hired the guide, increase the chance of going in the wrong direction ultimately, the waste money of transportation and time to find the location. Therefore, the little money spent on hiring the guide is better than trouble to reach location.
Furthermore, the person for some places is new that time if the hiring guide is a benefit to get the deep knowledge about the place and understand the culture. For instance, one year ago, I went Agra with my friends. We have not known the history about the Taj Mahal; so, we were hiring the guide for the guidance of the each place. I was really enjoyed listening the whole story behind the how to taj mahal build and what is the purpose. Besides, that is no meaning that we have not knowledge about the place which we were already traveling. I learn many things the how to ancient people were lived in a small village and cultural values.
Moreover, traveling with a guide is most safe and enjoyable journey because of if some emergency occurs I take the help of guide because of the unknown city only the guide one person to known and he is lives that city so, he knows about the city.
In conclusion, a person should hire the guide if he travels first time in the city because of it is easier to find the location, safe and enjoyable. In addition, he gets the knowledge about a specific place; mostly when traveling historical places such as the fort, monuments, and religious place.

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