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TPO-31- Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Because the world is changing so quickly, people now are less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the pastUse specific reasons and examples to

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A glance at modern people's lifestyles brings to light a question which has several times provoked discussion, namely, whether people are happier and more satisfied in today's world than before. Some might contend that people are happier because they now have more means of entertainment better healthcare and education. However, I would like to suggest that at present people are not as satisfied as before due to materialism, and busy work.

First and foremost, people are almost insatiable in terms of material. The development of technology has lead to the mass production of various commodities, and people are constantly lured to spend their money. This is best illustrated with the example of cell phone market. The cell phone manufacturers update their products with remarkable speed, rendering even newly bought ones seem to be obsolete. Customers, especially young people, look forward to buying new ones, which they think makes them fashionable. Retailers' efforts to sell more products are also obvious in countless forms of TV and Internet commercials. So, with the advent of materialism, people hardly feel satisfied.

Secondly, as the world is changing and developing so fast, people are required to devote much time in their work and study to catch up. In my country, China, for instance, high school students study for no less than sixteen hours a day, in order to outperform their peers in the College Entrance Exam. People also spend so much time on working to earn money and get promotion that they can seldom spare time to read a book or to take a walk. Therefore, in a world that is changing swiftly, people simply do not have the time to enjoy the life.

What is more, people are also becoming increasingly realistic. Confronted with fierce competition, people's priority is their benefit. As a result, students only care about test scores and ignore the importance of being a well-rounded youngster. Employers make themselves a plan to success and companies are willing to take any method to make profit. People are not to blame by doing so, because were they to make a living, they would have no other choices. It is no exaggeration to say that everything people do has a certain aim, and they hardly receive happiness and sense of satisfactory from it.

Due to the aforementioned ground, in a rapidly changing world, people are less happy than in the past, and materialism and pressure from life are two prime and conspicuous reasons.

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