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TPO-43 - Independent Writing Task Imagine that you are in a classroom or a meeting. The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect In your opinion, which of the following is the best thing to do?-Interrupt and correct the mistake right away-Wa

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Nowadays, how to act professionally at work place has proven to be a pressing issue. Even though some people think People should correct others mistake in meeting or classroom right away, others do not agree with them; they think we should wait until the end of session and talk with speaker alone. As far as I am concerned, the latter attitude carries more weight; In that, not only I have more time to think about and judge better the statement of the speakers, but also it is the best way from psychological perspective. In-depth discussion on each of the abovementioned reasons is provided below.

The first reason which should be considered here is I would have more time to think about the speaker’s mistake. For instance, I might be wrong too. But if everyone wants to correct speaker’s mistake as the moment, the meeting would not finish with proper result. Because diversity of people opinion might be so high, especially when people are not from the same group, for instance work session with customers. Take a personal experience as an example; back in the university, we had a course about art history. So everyone involved in the class meetings. But the problem was due to involvement of every opinion in the class, we could not our lesson properly. So at the end of semester we just finished half of the material in the class because of our long discussion, mostly without good purpose, in the class. Besides that, the speaker might have different meaning in their speech, and they might correct their statement during the meeting. There was a lot of time, when my professor says something during the class, but in the conclusion they point that this was mistake and they use that intentionally. So by waiting until the end of session one would have more time to think about the mistake.

One should consider this point from another angle, which is, psychologically, talking alone after the meeting is the best way of correcting others mistake. On the one hand nobody like to be ashamed in front of others. So they prefer that one correct their mistake without get attention of other people. For instance, one time at my work, in my presentation, I was incorrectly stated a conclusion based on the incorrect statistics. At the end of the meeting, my boss pointed out my mistake when we were alone together. But if he did that during the meeting, I would loss my confidence and made more mistake until the end of my presentation. On the other hand, people have different personality, so we do not know how they react to criticism. Some people might get offensive, for instance they cry or give up during the meeting, or they might be defensive, for example they get angry. So by criticize other’s mistake we prevent to make scene in front of others.

In a word, by taking all of the aforementioned reasons into consideration, it is rational to draw the conclusion that one should wait until the end of meeting or classroom to point out the speaker’s mistake alone. It is important to realize that by act professionally, everybody feel safe and comfortable at their work-place or classroom.

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