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TPO 45: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past, young people depended too much on their parents to make decisions for them; today young people are better able to make decisions about their own lives. Use specific reasons and ex

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Throughout history, the family has played a prominent role in all societies. Due to its paramount importance, individual decisions could be affected by their family background attitudes. Some people may hold the view that the young people choices were more rely on their parents in the past, and nowadays, youths have better function in planning their own lives. However, some others may look at this concept through a different lens. I am of the opinion that this contention is accurate. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will delve into the most outstanding reasons, which will aptly elucidate my idea.

First and foremost, thanks to the development of technology, nowadays people can gain massive amounts of information in a short time. By considering this fact, young people are able to improve their knowledge in distinctive fields of life in order to make better decisions by themselves without their parents interfering. To be more specific, in the past, the younger once more relied on the family tradition ways, and they virtually tended to follow their family routes. In such a situation, their lives approach more depended on their parents' preference.

Another reason which deserves some words here is that there were more ties in terms of family income in the past era. In other words, the financial attachments of younger people to their families more seen at that time. In fact, these families' revenue was earned through just one member and mostly provided by the fathers. Moreover, according to the limitation of job varieties, most of the youths continued their fathers' occupation, which gave rise to more dependency on their parents eventually.

To put it briefly, from what has been discussed above, we may safely reach the conclusion that the affections of family perspective on the young members' decisions have been more observed in the past. The technology developments and extensive choices for youths lead to turn them to an independent person in their choices at present. Consequently, it is highly recommended that the parents should not restrict their children in order to obey their approaches since the more independence in the youth decision making, the more efficiently they might accomplish their duties.

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