TPO26 – Independent: A/D? It is better for children to choose jobs that are similar to their parent's jobs than to choose jobs that very different from their parent's job.

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TPO26 – Independent: A/D? It is better for children to choose jobs that are similar to their parent's jobs than to choose jobs that very different from their parent's job.

In such a sophisticated world, every child has to choose a suitable job regarding his conditions. In this regard, some people are inclined toward the opinion that children should choose the same job as their parents whereas others hold exactly the opposite perspective. The way I see it, children will be successful if they choose a job that they enjoy and is different from their parents' jobs because it can be beneficial for the person and the society. What follows is the elaboration of my viewpoint.

Every job requires special personality. Regarding the fact that different people with diverse characteristics - including emotional, calm, introverted, extroverted, social, and the like - can cope with specific tasks, children may not be able to do their parents' occupation. Take a child whose mother is a surgeon, for instance. This child is afraid of seeing blood so if his mother encourages him to become a doctor, he will never be a successful and good doctor.

Another important aspect that choosing a favorite job influences on is that the child can always use his initiative. When children opt a similar occupation to their parents, the parents always step in and exhort children to act the same. For example, my friend is a teacher the same as her father. Although my friend believes that rewards are more effective than punishments, her father incites her to punish the students to make them study their lessons. She says that she has lost her creativity since she has selected her father's job.

Besides the aforementioned benefits of opting the interested occupation for people's lives, it should be noted that the society needs particular jobs to develop in each step. Regarding to the history of developed countries, different job positions are required for the countries to improve their social, political and economic conditions. For instance, a job position such as a simple labor is less required compared to a knowledgeable worker in an industrialized country.

Considering the effects of personally selected job on the person's life and the society, it is obvious that children should choose their desired job even different from their parents' job. In fact, children become more creative, work based on their attribute, and are guided into a effective job for the society.

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