Young people enjoy life more than older people do.Do you agree or disagree?

It is inevitable for every person on the planet to go through various phases of life. Each and every stage of life has its own advantages and drawbacks. However, while comparing younger people to the older ones, I personally feel that the younger generation has lot many advantages and options to enjoy the life than the older people. Thus, I agree with the notion that older people enjoy comparatively less than the younger lads.

To begin with, for the younger people, the age, and the body metabolism provides an added advantage. They can play or run or jog for hours of time. This would not be possible for the older ones as their body and mindset might not support this in most of the cases. For instance, while I was a kid, around 6 years, I used to play hide and seek - a game where one must run and hide themselves - with my grandfather. While I could play the game without any break or taking a respite, my grandfather could not play it for more than 2 hours, although he enjoyed the game. Thus, age plays an important part to the excitement and joy of the younger kids.

Moreover, the younger people receive greater support from a wide range of people, which is not possible for older ones. For instance, when I was given a task to solve a tough mathematical problem during my high school, I was assisted by a wide range of people - my parents, relatives, and neighbors - to solve it. On the other hand, while my uncle - who was in his mid 30's - was suffering from financial crisis only a few of his friends offered help. Thus, if we are facing any complex problems in life, it is more likely to get better support while we are young compared to the phase of life when we are older. Thus getting rid of issues or problems in lives faster by taking help could benefit the younger lads to enjoy more.

What's more, the younger generation has a lot of time at their disposal to explore new things. This is due to the fact that they have lesser responsibilities when compared to the older ones. For instance, my younger cousin, who is 11 years old, makes time to enjoy her hobby - dancing. She spends almost 2 hours every day to dance and enjoy her favorite pass time. Her mother, my aunt, who is also interested in dancing could not spend the time to savor and enjoy her hobby. This is because, most of the time she is occupied with responsibilities - cooking, washing and taking care of the family. Thus, the younger generation has an advantage of working on their interests - which helps them to be happy - most often when compared to older people as they have lesser tasks to complete on daily basis.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of instances when younger people enjoy their lives in a better way than the older people could do. It could be in terms of receiving help, playing for a long time, support from own people and community, having fewer responsibilities and much more. But, this phase ends pretty quickly as we need to take up the responsibilities in our life. However, one could admit after becoming old, perhaps most of the times, that their younger generation is enjoying much more than themselves and they themselves had a joyful past sharing the experiences of their childhood.

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