“Globalization” refers to growing economic and cultural interconnectedness between different regions of the world. Because modern transportation and electronic communication has made commercial relationships between distant people easier than ever bef

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This set of materials deal with the subject of "Globalization" advantages and disadvantages. The reading presents the benefits of Globalization, while the lecturer strongly contradicts of the reading.

First of all, according to the reading, globalization allows developing nations to increase their economic status. The reading also gives the example of Southeast Asia that citizens live more comfortably because of globalization. Nevertheless, the lecturer refutes this argument. She argues that competitions are good but it can make so many problems. For instance, a big economic crisis was happened at United States in 2008. Although it happened at United States, so many Europe countries affected from this financial crisis.

Secondly, the reading states that trade creates competition and it forces the producers of goods to keep their goods' quality as high as or higher than that of their competitors. However, the lecturer disputes this point. She says that countries like USA started to open their factories in other countries because of cheap labor so it makes the decrease of jobs in the United States.

Finally, the reading claims that globalization puts pressure on governments to make safer and healthier choices because there is so many business partners from different countries and it make this happen. Unlike the reading's claims, the lecturer doesn't think that there is a fair, healthy production. In contrast, companies make less healthy choices for diminishing the cost and selling more goods to overseas countries. They have started to release more toxic gases to the environment

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