“Globalization” refers to growing economic and cultural interconnectedness between different regions of the world. Because modern transportation and electronic communication has made commercial relationships between distant people easier than ever bef

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The professor casts doubt on "Globalization" which is considered as a reason to grow economic and cultural interconnection between countries. According to the reading passage, the author states Globalization brings many benefits to our life however the professor disagrees with this opinion. The following reasons are holding his opinion.

First, the speaker tells that reliance cause trouble. For example, there has been a great recession in the US in 2008 which made US economics was declined at that time. Also, this depression emphasized EU countires so that depending to the high economics growth country is not a good idea.

Second, if it is cheaper to produce items outside of home country, there is few risks to get damaged to local employee. For instance, TV sold in the US was made in the USA before but today many TV company have firms in Mexico due to its affordable place to keep their costs cheaper and cheaper. In contrast, empolyee in the US were fired so hard to have same quality of life for them as same as they used to have.

Lastly, the professor suspects the theory that globalization has good effect on our environment. If the company do export and import business, they make pollution and its obviously harmfull to us. In the reading material, the author focuses the country have less business because of the pollution. However, the professor thinks the fact is opposite. The country relied to export company to support their economics is the worser than the one does not have less company.

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