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Integrated 14

Either subject of the reading or the lecture is pointing to the salvage logging approach which is used in order to handle appearance of dead trees in the damaged forest in the northwestern United State. In this case, the article alleges this strategy would have some advantages for our economy and forests. However, the lecture casts a shadow of doubt on the proposed idea of the article in which it has been disapproved by the same sources.

First and for most, the lecture brings up the view that cleaning damaged forest is not necessary due to the fact that spoiling dead trees could generate fundamental nutrition for soil and other alive trees. Whereas, this directly repudiates the article which declares gathering dead trees would provide desirable conditions for flourishing new trees.

Based on the passage, the second critical fact is that the salvage logging degrades the number of harmful insects such as spruce bark beetle. On the contrary, the speaker challenges the claim by stating eroded wood can prepare life conditions for other birds and harmless insects which contribute to increase the growth of spruce trees.

Finally, the lecture contends the salvage logging's economic benefits are so small and temporary. Since most of the industries prefer to use advanced technology such as helicopter instead of human for fast and practical performances. In addition, these job chances are temporary and industries must spend large amount money to train local people, so it would not have economic profits. While this completely contradicts with what the reading indicates the salvage logging has impact on our economy by offering new job opportunities.

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which contribute to increase the growth of spruce trees.
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