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modified trees

The article states the benefits of planting genetically modified trees and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains the drawbacks of genetic modification by giving the serious problem this will cause and refutes each of the author's claims.

First, the reading claims that genetic trees are designed to be hardier than the natural ones. Therefore, they are more likely to survive in any pest. The professor refutes this point by saying that the modified trees do not ensure survival. Furthermore, the speaker mentions that these trees are made under uniform standards, so they are not suitable to survive climate changes or the abrupt introduction of pets. However, when a new virus comes, a number of regular trees are able to survive ensuring long lasting population.

Second, the article posits the economic benefits of genetically modified trees. Since they grow faster and produce a greater number of yields as well, these trees offer a faster return of investment from farmers. However, the professor says that company charges more to farmers for modified trees than for their counterpart. Moreover, by law every time a farmer plants a modified tree, he has to pay the company for it.

Third, the reading says that genetic modification prevents over exploitation of wild trees. Because more trees are available to satisfy the demand of firewood and build timber, wild species of trees are saved. The professor refutes this point by explaining that these trees trigger more damage to wild species of trees. Because they grow aggressively, genetic trees compete with their counterpart for resources such as water, and soil. Thus, modified trees provoke far worse destruction of wild species of trees.

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