in the past, it was easier to identify what type of career or job would lead to a secure, successful future? agree or disagree?

Essay topics: in the past, it was easier to identify what type of career or job would lead to a secure, successful future? agree or disagree?

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Recently, the concept of successful careers has been brought to public attention. Some people believe that identifying a secure career was more effortless in the past; however, there s is a substantial body of evidence that casts doubts in this belief. From a personal perspective, detecting a secure and prosperous job is far more accessible today that it was in the past, given that people today are more experienced, educated, and skilled. Below I will strive my supporting points in more detail.
The first and foremost point, since the beginning of the current century, the world has seen plenty of technological inventions, the most significant one is the internet. Apparently, people today rely on the internet, which opens the door to a wealth of information, and makes them more experience. A recent survey conducted by the University of Toronto found people before starting a career, they use the internet to collect valid information about it, which improves their ability to take an optimal decision. Consequently, the internet could ensure people’s success in their jobs.   
Next, couple with the technological invention, proper education is another reason why people today are thriving. Recently, the education system has been improved drastically; given that schools today use open discussion classrooms, which help students to explore topics, integrate information, and be more independent. A vivid example that can be given to shed light on what was elaborated above is, schools in Canada teach students by ideas and concepts instead of facts, which enhance students’ brain functions and maximize the potential learning outcomes. Provided that students get a quality education, they could not only broaden their knowledge; but also, enhance their personality. Therefore, a better education system today has a positive impact on adults’ professional livelihood.
Finally, although the previous points are the first ones that cross the mind at a glance, they are not the only reasons available. There is another subtle point that should be born in mind. Adults today are more responsible than before. For example, in developed countries, such as The United States, and Canada students start to work at young ages; furthermore, they take loans from banks to apply for colleges. To put it in another way, they work to earn money for their tuition fees and other college-related costs. Although taking loans put them under deep pressure, it helps them to be more responsible. Therefore, involving in practical life early, helps adults to choose a suitable successful career in the future.
Taking everything into consideration; without a doubt, people today can identify their secure careers in the future than they were in the past. It is suggested that schools design learning activities that help students to detect their careers in the future.

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