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Regarding the reading, communal online encyclopedias has a lot of problems that make them much less valuable than traditional printed encyclopedias. In contrast, the professor believes that the author's reasons are prodigious against the communal online encyclopedias, therefor he refuted the author's reasons due to three concrete pieces of evidences.

First, that contributors to a communal online encyclopedias often lack the academic credentials backgrounds leading to an inaccurate content, based on what the reading claims, is refuted by the professor. He stated that if someone was to look for an error free source of information, he would never find such a source. She added that an error in communal online encyclopedias could be corrected, while an error in a printed form will stay for decades.

Second, the reading states that communal online encyclopedias gives unscrupulous users and vandals the opportunity to corrupt the text information. Quiet the reverse, the professor mentions that communal online encyclopedias protects the crucial fact in a reading only format that no one could reach it or edit it. Also she added that the encyclopedias hire special editors who view the editing in order to confirm the good one and delete the others.

Finally, according to the reading communal online encyclopedias usually focus too much on trivial and popular topic giving a false impression of what is important. The professor casts doubt on this issue by saying that because of the limited space for traditional encyclopedias, they are force to decide what subject to include and what is not to be published. She added that the unlimited space for the online encyclopedias is not a problem and it serve as one of the biggest advantage for it.

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they are force to decide
they are forced to decide

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