TOEFL T P O 44 - Integrated Writing Task

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TOEFL T P O 44 - Integrated Writing Task

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The reading states that the coin which is found in Maine in the USA is not an original European silver coin brought by the European explorers and provides three reasons of support. However, the lecturer explains that she thinks that the coin is not fake and refutes each of the reading reasons.
First of all, the article mentions that there is a huge distance from the Native American location and the European settlements. They could not have a connection to have the coin. However, the lecture counters this point by saying that some Native Americans travel far a way to obtain certain objects. According to the professor, they might bring this coin from Maine.
Secondly, the reading claims that there are no other coins at that place, so, European might not bring any coins with them to America. However, the lecturer argues that they might bring coins with them indeed, but they might take the money back with them when they travel back to Europe. They were not permanent settlements.
Thirdly, the writer of the reading says that the Native Americans would not value this coins since they were not familiar with this concept of money.
However, the professor refutes this idea by points out the Native Americans could use these coins as a necklace or as jewelry. Furthermore, they may use the coins to trade for other stuff.