TOEFL T P O 13 - Integrated Writing Task

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TOEFL T P O 13 - Integrated Writing Task

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The reading passage brings three pieces of evidence that general trend of selling private business of ancient fossils especially the dinasaurs is warning. However, the lecture rejects the reasons presented by the reading and argues that most of the claimed information are exagerated and believed that the advantages of such practice totally outweigths the disadvantages.

First, according to the reading passage, the sold fossils should be devoted to the museums in order to be exposed for all the people, and, by not doing in this way, the general willingness of people toward the ancient fossils will be reduced. This claim is not in agreement with that of the lecture, which declares that most of the libraries and museums are not wealthy enough to buy that expensive fossils.

The second point of difference between the lecture and the reading passage concerns the lossing some crucial information about the history of life. The reading claims that when the collectors buy such valuable fossils, they not only hide them from people's eyes, but also limit the access to really important data which can be acquired from these fossils. This claim is not in agreement with that of the lecture which declares that all the collected fossils are carefully examined by scientists. In other words, all of them should be sceintifically identified not only to be certified but also to give actual price on them. Therefore, before any purchase done by collectors, scientifics do a thorough examination on each part of fossils and by such practice the possibility of missing any data will be reduced.

Finally, the reading passage claims that collectors are not well-trained to carefully unearth the fossils and might damage them. With this in mind, and knowing the importance of positioning the fossil parts are crucial during the digging, they significantly destroy the fossils. But, this claim is not convincing by the professor.

All in all, the professor contradicted the reading passage by declaring various conspicuous reasons and examples.