Toward the end of his life, the Chevalier de Seingalt (1725-1798) wrote a long memoir recounting his life and adventures. The Chevalier was a somewhat controversial figure, but since he met many famous people, including kings and writers, his memoir has b

The reading mentions memoir of Chevalier and criticism over it. Further it states that memoir was not a real experience and it was written just to make reading fun and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor says that no memoir is possibly correct and refutes each point made by critics and supports memoir.

First, reading claims that even though Chevalier wrote that he was wealthy, he borrowed money from a Swiss merchant. In addition critics argue that if he had been rich, he would not have needed to borrow the money. The professor refutes this point by saying that if somebody borrow money that doesn't mean he is poor. She adds that reading mentions chevalier was a gambler so he spent big amount of money. He had wealth in the form of assets. When he needed money, he used to sell assets and that process used to take a long time. So by that time if he needed money he borrowed it.

Second, reading states that memoir mentioned detail conversation between Chevalier and writer. Critics said it is impossible to mention accurate conversation. The professor states that ,according to witnesses who were present while writing memoir, conformed that Chevalier kept notes of conversation. Every night he used to write in his notes after conversation with writer. When he was writing memoir he always followed the notes.

Third, reading posits that memoir mentions false escape of Chevalier, just to make reading fun. According to critics, it was a real hard to escape and may be he bribed the jailer to escape from cell. However, the professor oppose this point by giving reference from Tunisian papers. It mentions that there was cell repair after escape of Chevalier. The professor raises the point that if he would have bribed the jailer why would they repair the cell? Besides there were so many big people who couldn't manage to bribe for their own escape how could Chevalier?

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